Forever with me


About us

Cecilia Lindmark, raised in Stockholm, was only 12 years old when she made her first ring of brass. Fashion and trends has always been of interest since childhood.

22 years old, she began to manufacture her own jewelry, since the type of jewelry she wanted couldn´t find anywhere. Then people started to ask around if they could buy handmade jewelry from her.
“My jewelry exudes luxury. They are timeless, simple and stylish. It´s the accessories that makes the outfit complete. ”

Only 24 years old, Cecilia decided to take the dream from fantasy to reality.


I call my jewelry Forever With Me, because my jewelry is made of the highest quality made to be worn through life.


ALEXIS of Sweden is based on four key messages in the production process. Human rights, security, health and our environment. ALEXIS jewelry is manufactured in Sweden by adults with fair working conditions.

We offer high quality, a stylish jewelry to wear throughout life made of love.

The signature jewelry, ALEXIS angel is a symbol that stands for “you are never alone.” When you hold the ALEXIS angel in your hand, you only need to look at the glossy surface or feel the soft silver body, to remind you that your guardian angels are with you everywhere. ALEXIS angel is manufactured in Sweden by 925 Sterling silver and is nickel-free.